Jumat, 13 April 2012

What I've been doing lately

hola friends, gutten morgen ^^

what I've been doing lately?
was Ich habe in letzter Zeit gemacht?

yup, this is my first post in April... hohoho. What I've been doing not updating my blog?

nothing special actually, just some routine activity. but, I have some new activity since i moved back to my hometown in Bekasi.
Me and my mom always do morning excercise three times a week after our subuh prayer. my mom said this activity can make our body healthy. So, we promised our self to do that, usually we excercise by following instructor from our newest aerobic DVD.
I hope it can make my body a bit slimmer, hehehe

And now I teach Biology for senior high school. Next week will be their final exam for my students. I hope they success in this exam ^^.

 I also join Germany language course in Goethe Institute since last week, continuing my Deutsch lesson in Jogja. I think this is one of my preparation if I want study in Germany (Ich moechte in Deutschland studieren. Germanistik oder Deutsch als Fremdsprache). Oh, I hope someday my dreams will come true.
I always go to Goethe Institute by train, so I have another time for crocheting (while riding the train of course, hehe).

and about my crochet project... Me and my mom, we have a new project. Since She can't crocheting, but she can sew and design. So, we are colaborating for this project. My mom design the project (by looking at my crochet book, and then mix and match the pattern, which is I can't do -___-  and decide what I should crochet). And I of course, do what my mom said and crochet the yarns.. we will make a dress (or vest. we don't know yet, hehehe).
And if this project success, I want to ask my mom to teach me how to sew.
and here it is our project so far....

How about you my friends? hope, you're all doing fine and always have a beautiful day ^^


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  1. Aih... cakep e.. mba... pasti lama ya bikinnya... ck..ck..ck..

  2. hehehe... ini baru seminggu saya ngerjainnya mba,, dan baru jadi sepertiganya aja... jalannya masih panjang untuk selesai.. tapi tetep semangat soalnya penasaran sama hasilnya ^^