Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Simple Slipper

Hai Friends,,,
It has been far too long since I update my blog.
I have myself busy with my academic task over the last month.
My final exam in bachelor degree succesfully made me stay away from yarns and hook for few weeks.
But sometimes when Iam bored with that activity I try to refresh my mind with crocheting.
And here it is the result of my crocheting.

the slippers was too big for my little feet. hehehe
I get the pattern from japanese crochet book Ondori.
easy to make and so much fun when I try to translate japanese pattern (usually in diagrams)

p.s : I will try to post my blog with english since the top five of my blog readers are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Great Britain, USA, and Germany. I hope all of you also can enjoy what I write. And Iam sorry for my bad English.

Happy crocheting friends ^^

2 komentar:

  1. Ih, Lucu ya, untuk di dalam rumah kayaknya enak nih.

    1. iya bu,, enak dipake di dalem rumah,, apalagi musim hujan kayak sekarang... bikin kaki hangat.